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Understanding video file types

“You may have heard the phrase video codec when referring to video files. A codec is simply the software that compresses your video so it can be stored and played back on a device. While the word “compression” can conjure images of pixelated video, the process is both necessary and efficient with modern digital cameras. It gives you much smaller files sizes with minimal quality loss. Compression is your friend!” – Kyle Wilson

When dealing with any type of file it is good to know how to properly save it. To learn how to navigate the file world of video click on the following link – understanding video files  

Things to read if you are a designer

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Regardless of what field of work you are in it is always a great idea to stay on top of your game. This sometimes means picking up a good book and taking it easy. Margaret Kelsey has comprised a list from some of her favorite designers of what books have inspired them in the last year. There are different categories of books to peruse:

  1. Inspired by typography
  2. Inspired by product design
  3. Inspired by people
  4. Inspired by the future
  5. Inspired by icons and logos
  6. Inspired by business
  7. Inspired by UI
  8. Inspired by graphic design
  9. Inspired by method or theory
  10. Inspired by innovation
  11. Inspired by publications

The list of books is extensive and it is a sure thing that you will find something that appeals to your designers mind. Click on the following link to find a good read to better your design skills/thinking – Reading list for and by designers 

ScreenFlow Advanced Tips and Techniques

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“Learn how to use ScreenFlow to create profession, beautiful animation and projects and output them correctly. Andrew Haley, Product Evangelist, will show you how to configure your export setting to maximize quality. Plus, he’ll give a hands-on demo of how to use nested sequences and simple animated effects in aggregate to build complex, professional projects that will WOW your clients and viewers. Bring your ScreenFlow skills to the next level!”

Click the following link to learn more and register – ScreenFlow Webinar 

The Truth Behind Virtual Reality

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“I pull the virtual reality headset from my face. For a fraction of a second I’m not sure where I am, before my eyes adjust to the light and I remember that I’m sat in a studio space in the New Inc building on the Bowery in New York. I’ve just experienced Giant, a virtual reality short story.” -Tim Maughan

Tim Maughan does a fantastic job of walking the reader through the beginnings of VR to where we are currently with VR technology. Maughan starts the piece out by describing in great detail his experience with VR. He maps out the foreseeable problems and also the road map that VR seems to be following through its advancements. If you are at all interested in VR technology this is an incredible piece to take a look at. Even if VR isn’t your top thing these days this article is worth your time. It might just get you hooked.

Click the following link to read Maughan’s incredible depiction of VR technology

5 Ways to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

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As more and more people are joining LinkedIn it is growing harder to stand out among the crowd. According to there are 5 ways to improve your profile right away…

  1. Upload a photo – If you are able to put a face to a name there is a higher chance for a connection. Make sure your photo is recent and professional looking but still shows the real you.
  2. List your current position – Let people know what you do and who you are. It is a good idea to make sure your current position is updated with your job title and what you do there.
  3. Maintain a list of relevant skills – Make sure that your skills make you stand out and show how you are a cut above the rest. Be Creative. Instead of putting that you are team player describe what it is that you do that makes you one. Are you good at collaborating ideas, making things come together, or encouraging others to keep up the good work? All of these things show that you are a team player, but they also say that you think outside the box and are unique.
  4. Add your location – This is a way to make sure that you will be found among the crowd. According to, “More than 30% of recruiters will use advanced search based on location.” Do what you can to be found.
  5. Summarize your experience and goals – “A summary of 40 words or more makes it more likely to show up in search, and consider calling out your specialities for keyword search. And, don’t be shy to add some personality” – LinkedIn

It can be highly stressful to deal with finding a job that fits you, but there are ways to make that search easier. Take some time today to make these few changes to your LinkedIn profile to make your odds that much better.

To read the article in full click on the following link – tips from LinkedIn 

The Incalculable Value of Finding a Job You Love


Social scientists have been trying to identify the conditions most likely to promote satisfying human lives. Their findings give some important clues about choosing a career: Money matters, but as the economist Richard Easterlin and others have demonstrated, not always in the ways you may think.

Consider this thought experiment. Suppose you had to choose between two parallel worlds that were alike except that people in one had significantly higher incomes. If you occupied the same position in the income distribution in both — say, as a median earner — there would be compelling reasons for choosing the richer world. After all, societies with higher incomes tend also to enjoy cleaner air and water, better schools, less noisy environments, safer working conditions, longer life expectancy and many other obvious benefits.

But context also matters. If you faced a choice between being a relatively low earner in a high-income society or being near the top in a society in which your income was lower in absolute terms, the answer would be less clear.

If the income difference was very small, being a top earner in the poorer world would probably be more satisfying. Your house would be smaller in absolute terms, but because it would be bigger than most other people’s, you would be more likely to regard it as adequate.

For sufficiently large income differences, however, that conclusion could easily flip. This time you would confront a different kind of difficulty. Although your house in the wealthier world would be larger in absolute terms, its relatively small size in that universe would mean that your children would be more likely to attend schools regarded there as substandard.

It’s not just that more money doesn’t provide a straightforward increase in happiness. Social science research also underscores the importance of focusing carefully on the many ways in which jobs differ along dimensions other than pay. As economists have long known, jobs that offer more attractive working conditions — greater autonomy, for example, or better opportunities for learning, or enhanced workplace safety — also tend to pay less.


LinkedIn co-founder shares 4 secrets to make your profile great

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Knowing what to put in your LinkedIn profile can be difficult at times. Which projects do you put into your portfolio? Which extra activities do you feature? Well Reid Hoffman, co-founder of LinkedIn, has shared 4 ways to make your LinkedIn profile top notch.

  1. Get Found – Make sure that your profile is filled out! Hoffman states that the more content the more likely your profile is to be viewed by others. If you are questioning whether to put your community service or project you did for your local church, put it in there. It will help people to see your profile and learn what there is to know about you.
  2. Have a Goal – Know your audience. If you are trying to reach a certain group make sure your profile appeals to them. It is all about showing how you would be a good fit for the job. “Have your profile written from a viewpoint [that appeals to] the people searching for or reading your profile,” Hoffman adds. “And they read it, and think, oh, [you are] someone I want to talk to!” – Hoffman
  3. Be Unique – Find your balance between your personality and being professional. If you leave all of your personality out of the profile you will blend in with the rest of the competition. Find ways to show who you are outside of work and how that makes you a better worker. “What things are uniquely you?” Hoffman asks. “You can put in your hobbies, but it’s not so much those personal things even as it is some genuine expression of what kind of work you do, what you’re an expert in, the kind of things you’re interested in.” – Hoffman
  4. Get Social Proof – “When someone is looking at your profile, and is looking to present you with an opportunity, they are going to see that you are someone they want to talk to,” Hoffman says. “Because it’s not just you saying that you’re good at something – other people are saying it, too.” – Hoffman.

If you are in the job market or securely in a job it is always a good idea to say sharpe and ready for anything. Take these tips and move forward with being above the rest of competition.

Click on the following link to read more – Hoffman’s 4 profile tips 

Learn New Skills With This Week

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With each beginning of every day brings a chance to learn knew things. Sometimes it is a chance to learn a skill you never knew you would try and sometimes it is refining the skills that you already have. Which ever path you are taking wants to help you stay on top of the game in each of  your respective job careers. This week has added 26 new courses covering things like ethical hacking and Microsoft Excel. There is a full list of things to learn such as business software, marketing, art and illustration, and plenty more. It never hurts to be adding more to your skill base or refining your skills to stay ahead of the game. It is no surprise that those that make it in the career race are those that take that extra step to stay ahead. Take your extra step today with

For a full list of’s new courses click on the following link – 26 New Courses