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Short on time but need a PowerPoint?

Sometimes life gets in the way of being creative with your presentations, but here is a way to save time and still impress your audience. You can download various previously created PowerPoint slides and all you have to do is fill in your information. What a way to save time! Instead of spending hours creating your slides you can spend more time making sure your content is spot on. The following article gives you simple steps to downloading the slides.

Click the following link to get started – Easy Downloadable PP Slides 

What to know for your next interview

“Behavioral interview questions are the “Tell me about a time…” questions. They prompt you to talk about your past experiences so you can demonstrate you have particular skills. Demonstrating you have these “soft” skills is incredibly important to proving you’re the right candidate for the job, but the questions can be tricky.” – Andrew Ku

Here are the three top “soft” skills that managers are looking for in you.

  1. Adaptability
  2. Culture Fit
  3. Collaboration Skills

You can take a look at some top questions related to these three skills here at the following link – Behavioral interview 


Apple Releases New K-12 & Higher Ed Bundle


Apple is releasing an education bundle for higher ed faculty, staff, and students, as well as K-12. The educational bundle includes:

  1. Final Cut Pro X
  2. Logic Pro X
  3. Motion 5
  4. Compressor 4
  5. MainStage 3

All of these apps combined averages at a cost of $630, but if you buy the bundle you get all five apps for just $199.99. You can redeem this bundle at the Apple site. Once you buy the bundle you will receive an email with codes to redeem the five apps at the App Store.


In a Galaxy Not So Far Away

In true Star Wars fashion, the recent release of  rogue one has people talking about computer graphics.

This time around, people’s eyes are on the digitally resurrected actors, since several key characters appear in this movie as they did back in 1977.

While some pan the move as obvious CG, others are excited about the possibilities that this opens up for cinema.

Whether you dislike such a use of CG or approve of it, the process of bringing the character back to life is simply fascinating.

Check out how the studio recreated the characters here:

Attention Graphic Designers

While adobe illustrator and photoshop are phenomenal for creating the perfect logo, the interfaces can sometimes seem daunting to a new user. Even if you know what you’re doing, on occasion you may have a smaller project, or simply want to mess around with some ideas. Thankfully, there is an easy-to-use web tool called Online Logo Maker that makes it incredibly simple to generate ideas and even create final logos. The best part is that it’s free to use! (Although you can pay for additional features.) If you’re wanting to speed up your creative process, or quickly whip up a nice logo, you can visit their website by clicking here.

To show how quickly you can create a logo, the one below only took a minute to create.



Maybe you’re wondering: “Okay, so I’ve got a tool now, but how do I actually make a decent looking logo?” Fear not, for we at the Digital Studio have prepared for such a circumstance! Here is an excellent article by that runs through the basics of what makes a logo work.

Whether you want to mess around with a new tool to gather some designs, or contemplate your perfect brand identity, we hope this will help you out!